I like to watch and play basketball in my free time. my favorite team is toronto. My favorite basketball player in the NBA is DeMar DeRozan. yesterday my favorite team advanced in the playoffs.


During my free time I like to play games with my friends. Some of the games I play with them are 2k19 and csgo.


I like playing with my friends. Some things I like to do with my friends are play sports and games. Some of my favorite friends are


I like to eat food! I like to eat when im hungry. Some of my favorite type of food is Italian food. My favorite food thing is steak. Most foods taste good but some food tastes bad.


I like to drink things! I like to drink things when im thirsty. I like drinks like water. Water tastes good. Water tastes like water. Water is very refreshing. There are also many other drinks though like coke and sprite.


I dont like homework. Homework is very time consuming and so is studying. Most of my time at home is studying or doing homework. I have lots of school homework and homework from my tutors.